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Gammaflux Controls Inc. is the world’s leading supplier of temperature and sequential valve gate control systems to the plastics industry. An expert in process optimization, Gammaflux partners with plastics parts manufacturers to help them achieve higher quality, efficiency, and profitability. The company primarily serves the hot runner injection molding industry but also provides temperature control solutions for blow molding, extrusion, thermoforming and other applications.


Known as a pioneer in temperature control technology, Gammaflux developed the first products to anticipate temperature changes, sense wiring and heater problems, and react instantly to avoid serious mold damage. All Gammaflux systems feature the company’s unique Triangulated Control Technology® for the best temperature sensing, controlling, and actuation capabilities.


The company’s product line includes:

LEC - for up to 24 zones of temperature control

G24 - for 18 to 480 zones of temperature control

TTC - for integrated temperature or stand-alone sequential valve gate control (SVGC) applications


Gammaflux has the solution for your temperature and sequential control challenge. Download a product brochure above, or contact us directly for further information on how Gammaflux products can improve your process.

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