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APM's March 2022 Highlights

Wittmann's Primus Servo Robots




Wittmann's Primus Robots are a cost effective solution for pick & place applications with clamping forces of 20 to 900 t. Reduce cycle time and increase payload and accuracy without the expense of a full Servo Robot solution. Check out a video of a Picker vs. Primus cycle time difference here - Standard Picker vs. Primus In-Out Time


Gammaflux, Priamus, and the Barnes Group



Gammaflux is part of the Barnes Molding Solutions group consisting of:

  • Gammaflux Controllers

  • Priamus Technology – Process Monitoring Sensors for molds

  • Manner – Medical Hot Runner Systems & Mold Maker

  • Synventive Hot Runners – Industrial / Auto Hot Runner Systems

  • Thermoplay Hot Runners – High Cavitation Hot Runner Systems

  • Foboha – Mold maker / Turn key Cube systems


Barnes Molding Solutions

DynaCon Quick Ship Capabilities


Despite the current supply chain struggles, DynaCon is still capable 1-2 week lead times on standard conveyors and 2-3 weeks on most other conveyors, making them a great solution if you have any upcoming conveyor needs in a short time frame.


DynaCon Manufacturing Conveyors




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