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APM's May 2023 Highlights

Trade In Your Old Robot For Credit Towards a New Wittmann Robot

Robot Trade In.jpg

Replace your old traversing robot and receive a trade in credit of $1,500 to $8,000. Any brand, any size. Contact us today if you have an old robot you are considering replacing to get a quote and trade in offer.  

Streamline Communication With the WiConnect App 


The WiConnect App gives you one touch access to Wittmann Service, Parts, as well as resources and tutorials. More information for the App and a link for downloading can be found here

Wittmann CARD Dryers For Low Throughput Applications

dryer_00049 (3).png

The Wittmann Compressed Air Resin Dryer is a fantastic solution for lower throughput and feedthroat drying applications. Small, simple, effective, and affordable. More info can be found here.

APM's April 2023 Highlights

Save Energy Replacing Your Old Conveyors


Many older conveyors have motors 6 times larger than what a comparable conveyor now uses, meaning that your older conveyors can be unnecessary energy hogs, especially since they often run 24/7. With our low cost conveyor options, payback can often be a year or less. Reach out for an energy comparison and payback analysis if you have any older conveyors or upcoming needs.

Check Out Our Webinar Database

Installation and Service Assistance

unnamed (2).jpg

We upload all of the past Wittmann Webinars if there are any you'd like to view at the link here. Topics include Micro Molding Vs. Conventional, Robot Programming Advancements, TCUs, Auxiliary Equipment Options, Granulators and more. 

unnamed (1).jpg

Short handed and in need of Installation or Service assistance? Contact us if there are any projects/equipment issues on your backburner or upcoming that you need help with. 

APM's March 2023 Highlights

Robots in Stock and Ready to Ship!


Wittmann has nearly 100 robots in stock or in production at the moment with lead times as low as 2 weeks on certain models. If you are in need of automating on a short timeline we can help! Wittmann will have their robots on display at the PTXPO if you are attending as well. Contact us to set up a demo while you are there to see their robots and the new R9 Controller. 

Used Equipment


 Low Cost Automation


In need of equipment on short notice or at a budget friendly price? We have a wide variety of used equipment available from individual loaders to large Chillers and Injection Molding Machines. Reach out if you are in need of anything and we can help!

Whether you are in need of a simple End of Arm Tool, Low Cost Conveyor, Picker, Servo Picker, or a Box Indexing System we have several Automation options available at an economical price. Contact us today if you are looking to reduce labor without breaking the bank.

APM's February 2023 Highlights

Dynamic Conveyor's New DynaPro Product Line


Dynamic Conveyor 's new DynaPro product line is a low cost, highly effective solution for your flat conveyor needs. Benefits include a 1-5 day lead time, extremely competitive pricing, low energy usage, and tensionless link style belting. More information, a video and technical specs can be found here

Wittmann's V-Power Molding Machine

  Custom Screw Tip Assemblies with Reiloy


Wittmann's VPower Machine is a efficient, precise and flexible solution for vertical molding application needs. The machine has a small footprint, convertible injection unit, rotary table without central tie bar, extremely short rotation times, and potential for upstream and downstream automation, all with Wittmann 4.0 capabilities. 


Wittmann VPower Molding Machine

If you ever have issues with Screw Tips breaking with some of your hard to process materials, we can customize your screw tip design to strengthen any weak points and extend your Screw Tip Assembly life. Other solutions include designs for easier material throughput, and premium metals for specific applications. 


Reiloy Valves and End Caps

APM's December 2022 Highlights

Dynamic Conveyor Box Indexing Systems

Dynamic Conveyor.JPG

Dynamic Conveyor offers both Standard and Custom Box Indexing Systems. Above is an example of a custom Dual Over/Under system built for a customer. These systems are a great way to automate operations for a relatively low cost. More information on these systems can be found here.

Wittmann's MicroPower Molding Machine


Wittmann's 15 Ton MicroPower machine is a great solution for difficult-to-mold small parts. Through shorter cycle times and lower material and energy consumption, cost savings between 30 and 50% can be achieved compared to standard machines. Options include integrated vision, robot, cleanroom, 4.0, and a 2 shot version. 


Wittmann's MicroPower Machine

 Rotogran Central Grinders and Shredders


For Central Grinding applications where throughputs range from 300-10,000 lbs/hr, Rotogran has excellent solutions. Rotogran offers Granulators, Blower/Cyclone Systems, Shredders, Fines Separators, and Integrated Feed Conveyors. More information can be found at their website here. Contact us if you have an application you're considering or if you would like to set up a granulator test!

APM's November 2022 Highlights

Wear Resistant Screws, Barrels and Valves


If you are running processes that are highly abrasive or corrosive, Reiloy has several options to minimize Screw/Barrel wear and keep your processes running consistent for longer. Options include Stainless Tool Steel Screws, Carbide Encapsulated Screws, Chrome Plating, and more. If you have a difficult resin causing premature component wear, contact us to see what your options are. More information can be found here


Cyclonic Dust Collection Solutions

Dust Collection.webp

If you find yourself cleaning Material System Filters often, a Dust Collector can help capture up to 99% of the dust before your filter stations to minimize cleaning frequency. Available in Miniature and Regular sizes, for line sizes from 1" to 4", we have a solution for just about every application. 


Beck Manufacturing Dust Collectors 

Priamus Process Monitoring


Priamus offers intelligent process monitoring and closed-loop process control systems for injection molding. The product range includes cavity pressure and cavity temperature sensors, as well as complete software systems for quality assurance in the injection molding process. Priamus systems are designed to detect and remove rejects, to automatically optimize the process, and to maintain constant quality throughout production. 


Priamus Process Monitoring

APM's October 2022 Highlights

 Energy Savings With Modern Granulators


Newer granulators have more efficient cutting chambers, meaning the motors can be smaller than their predecessors. An improperly sized or older granulator could be costing you thousands per year in excess energy costs. Additionally, newer granulators have auto-shutoff features to automatically turn off the motor when not in use. Contact us today if you would like to see what a energy payback would look like for a replacement granulator. 


Dynamic Conveyor's Hybrid Conveyors

Custom Stainless Steel and Powder Coated Part Chutes

U Shape Conveyor.jpg
Cardboard to Stainless Chute (2).jpg

Dynamic Conveyor Hybrid specialty conveyors are custom designed specifically to meet manufacturers’ most demanding conveyance objectives, defined by the environment and/or the product being conveyed. 


  • Widths from 1 to 120 inches

  • Lengths as long as 150 feet

  • Unlimited angles and geometries to create precise inclines, declines and lateral turns

  • Self-tracking belts using plastic link style or food grade belting

  • An endless number of custom options and accessories

  • Maintenance Free and Include a 5 year warranty

Hybrid Specialty Conveyors

If you have a need for Stainless or Powder Coated parts chutes in any application, we have a solution for you. We can fabricate Conveyor Feed Chutes, Granulator Hoppers and more. We can make these chutes to match a cardboard template, measure and create a drawing for you, or build them to a customer supplied drawing. Contact us if you have a chute application that we can assist with!  




APM's September 2022 Highlights

Wittmann's Leakstop Feature for Leaking Molds 

Basic C200.jpg

Wittmann's Basic C200 is an economic TCU, and can run in reverse to eliminate leaking issues until you can pull the mold for repair. This also gives it the ability to purge your mold. More information can be found here.


Reiloy's Screw, Barrel and Valve Stocking Program

Reiloy Screw and Barrel.jpg

With supply chain struggles, it is more important now than ever to have spare components on the shelf. With the Reiloy Screw and Barrel Stocking Program, you can have Screws, Barrels and Valves manufactured and stored in Reiloy's climate controlled warehouse. When you need it, Reiloy will ship it to you and that is when you are invoiced. Contact us for more information! 

 Wittmann Robot's new Replay Function Using Video Assist 

r9 pendant DT.jpg

With the large screen on the new Wittmann R9 Controller, comes the ability to replay animated robot motions on the controller screen so that you can watch and review up to the last 100 seconds of the robot motions. This makes it much easier to detect causes of issues and supports the
operator’s efforts to prevent a repetition of similar incidents. More info on the R9 Video Assist can be found here.  




APM's August 2022 Highlights

Wittmann's Insider Package Solution


If you are tight on floor space, then the Insider solution is a great way to integrate the machine, robot, conveyor and guarding into a compact and space saving cell. Check out more information here.


Adjustable Fin Part Separation


The flexibility of an Adjustable Fin Tumbler Separator is a cost effective solution for separating your runners from your parts. Contact us to run a free test for you and check out more information on these units here

See How Simple Programming is on the New R9 Robot Control 


Wittmann is offering a webinar on their new R9 controller and the ease of programming on it on Monday, August 15 at 2PM EST. You can register for the webinar or watch the recording at the link here.




APM's July 2022 Highlights

Modular Conveyors to Fit Any Application

DynaCon Modular Conveyor.png

With Dynamic Conveyors, you can change any conveyor to fit any of your production needs. Turn a flat conveyor into an incline, extend or shorten conveyors, and just about any other reconfiguration you want so that you can eliminate a graveyard of conveyors that no longer fit any applications. Check out the reconfiguration video here.

 Reiloy Eagle Mixing Screws

Gammaflux Hot Runner Leak Detection

Reiloy Eagle Mixing Screw.jpg
Gammaflux leak detection.jpg

The Reiloy Eagle Mixing Screw is a low shear plastics mixing screw that provides processors with outstanding color/additive mixing. In addition, many processors using the Eagle have experienced improved production rates, both in recovery rate and throughput (pounds per hour). Contact us today if you have a difficult mixing application!

This photo shows an actual leak that was detected early by the Gammaflux Hot Runner Controller watt/leak alarm. As can be clearly seen, the material started leaking out the backside of the nozzle but did not make it to the wires. Once the wires are coated in plastic the mold must be shut down and removed from the machine and the heater, thermocouple or both will need to be replaced. Detecting leaks early not only saves money but also speeds the mold back into service.




APM's June 2022 Highlights

Gammaflux Price Reduction


As of June, Gammaflux reduced pricing 7% on all G24 and LEC Hot Runner Controllers. Reach out to us if you have any aging controllers or upcoming projects that we can assist with!

High Temp Water Units Instead of Oil

Reduce Cycle Time with a Servo Picker

High Temp TCU

Wittmann High Temperature Water units (up to 360 F) are a great alternative to oil, as they are more efficient, have faster heat up/cool down times, are less expensive, are safer, and are easier to maintain. Check out the video to see how quickly the units shut down after an unexpected hose leak - Here

Have you seen the video of how a customer reduced cycle time by 3 seconds by going from a pneumatic picker to a servo picker? This was a 20% reduction in cycle time! See the two videos showing the improvement - Here




APM's May 2022 Highlights

Wittmann 4.0 Demo




Check out the Wittmann 4.0 demo video at the link here - Wittmann 4.0 - to see how having a completely integrated molding cell can benefit you.



Fanuc CRX Cobots

Auto Emptying Dust Collectors



FANUC’s new CRX Cobots are safe, flexible, quick to implement, and easy to program.  All with FANUC renowned reliability and 8 years of maintenance-free operations to meet the production needs of today’s manufacturers. 


Do you find yourself continually cleaning out filters on your Central Material System? With an Auto-Emptying Cyclone, you can collect the dust before it gets into your filter, and have it auto dump into a bin for easy rolling away and disposal without ever having to shut off your vacuum system. 




APM's April 2022 Highlights

Reiloy Ceramic Chrome Screws

Ceramic Chrome.jpg



Ceramic chrome prevents resins and additives from sticking to the surface of the screw and degrading which greatly reduces screw cleaning frequency and machine down time. Ceramic Chrome seals pores found in chrome preventing corrosives from attacking the substrate. Contact us today for more information and an application assessment. 


Wittmann's New R9 Robot Controller

DynaCon Custom Box Filling Solutions

Box filling.jpg

APM's March 2022 Highlights


Wittmann's new R9 Controller is now available on new robot orders. Check out the demo video from the PTXPO at the link below!


Wittmann R9 Controller Demo



DynaCon can offer a full range of standard and custom Box Filling Systems. Check out the article below which describes how DynaCon can offer effective and timely solutions without sacrificing flexibility. 


Agility in Manufacturing Conveyors







Wittmann's Primus Servo Robots




Wittmann's Primus Robots are a cost effective solution for pick & place applications with clamping forces of 20 to 900 t. Reduce cycle time and increase payload and accuracy without the expense of a full Servo Robot solution. Check out a video of a Picker vs. Primus cycle time difference here - Standard Picker vs. Primus In-Out Time


Gammaflux, Priamus, and the Barnes Group



Gammaflux is part of the Barnes Molding Solutions group consisting of:

  • Gammaflux Controllers

  • Priamus Technology – Process Monitoring Sensors for molds

  • Manner – Medical Hot Runner Systems & Mold Maker

  • Synventive Hot Runners – Industrial / Auto Hot Runner Systems

  • Thermoplay Hot Runners – High Cavitation Hot Runner Systems

  • Foboha – Mold maker / Turn key Cube systems


Barnes Molding Solutions

DynaCon Quick Ship Capabilities


Despite the current supply chain struggles, DynaCon is still capable 1-2 week lead times on standard conveyors and 2-3 weeks on most other conveyors, making them a great solution if you have any upcoming conveyor needs in a short time frame.


DynaCon Manufacturing Conveyors




APM's February 2022 Highlights

Dust Separation Solutions

Dust Separation.jpg


Dust Separation Solutions from Beck Manufacturing are an extremely simple and effective approach that allows you to separate dust during your normal material loading sequence. Testing and trials available upon request. More information can be found at

DynaCon's New DynaRoller Product Line



DynaCon's new DynaRoller product line offers a turnkey modular approach to Powered Roller Conveyor Systems. More Information can be found here.

Reiloy's Screw and Barrel Handbook




Download your PDF copy of the 2022 Reiloy Screw and Barrel Handbook today. Handbook Download




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