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Wittmann Battenfeld has supplied the latest technology in injection molding machinery for over 60 years. They offer a full range of Horizontal, Vertical, Micro, Two-shot, LIM and PIM, Electric, Hybrid and Hydraulic injection molding machines from 5 to 2000 tons. Peripheral equipment from Wittmann can be built into the machine frame to reduce floor space. All peripheral equipment can be operated, visualized and its data stored directly via the machines Unilog B8 control system. More Information on the Wittmann Battenfeld Injection Molding Machines Below
SmartPower Machines (Servohydraulic 25-400Ton)

Thanks to the modular design, the SmartPower is extremely versatile and lends itself to many special processes. The powerful control unit UNILOG B8 offers various possibilities of process control and documentation.


The machines feature a very small footprint, thanks to their highly compact, extremely rigid 3-platen design. They are highly energy-efficient due to a new space-saving and low-noise servomotor. A generously dimensioned mold mounting area and low-maintenance linear guides are further highlights of the new SmartPower.



  • Smallest footprint.

  • Traversable injection units with linear movements. The screw can be removed quickly in just a few easy steps.

  • Rapid and even build-up of clamping force through a simple, centralized hydraulic clamping system with diagonally symmetrical fast-stroke cylinders and centrally mounted ejector. 

  • Support for the moving platen by high-precision linear guides.

  • Easy, comfortable parts removal in three directions through open drop area.

EcoPower Machines (Electric 55-500 Ton)

The beltless EcoPower scores with a compact injection unit and the clean design of its clamping unit, featuring a highly efficient direct drive. The braking energy of the drives, normally returned to the power supply network by an elaborate process, is completely utilized by the EcoPower within the machine to provide the necessary voltage for the control system and for barrel heating. Thus, these machines are extremely energy-efficient and are a benchmark with regard to their low engergy consumption.


Another advantage of the EcoPower is its user-friendly design. In developing this machine series, special emphasis was placed on the small footprint and compact integration.


  • Fast, precise injection and repeatable holding and back pressure.

  • Clean and compact design of capsuled gear unit.

  • Minimal energy consumption with internal utilization of braking energy for power supply to the control system and barrel heating.

  • Modest space requirements and extremely low noise emission.

  • Modular construction kit for standard, high-performance and cleanroom design.

MicroPower Machines (Electric 5-15 Ton)

The main benefit of the MicroPower lies in its cost-efficiency. Through shorter cycle times and lower material and energy consumption, cost savings between 30 and 50 % can be achieved compared to standard machines. 

From simple manufacturing of small parts to the production of injection-molded high-precision and micro parts, the improved all-electric MicroPower offers optimal solutions thanks to its intelligent machine concept. This concept makes it possible to extend a basic machine model – starting from a simple “general purpose machine” for small parts – to a multi-functional production cell for highly complex micro parts, just by connecting modules.


  • Cost- and energy-efficient, economizing on resources.

  • Outstanding parts quality through processing thermally homogeneous melt.

  • Processing of all injectable materials with shot volumes of up to 4 cm³.

  • Precise and powerful.

MacroPower Machines (Servohydraulic 400-2000 Ton)

The MacroPower stands for shortest footprint, speed, modularity, ultimate precision and cleanliness. The modular design of this new large machine model makes it suitable for a great variety of applications. The linear guide system of the moving platen ensures fast energy saving movements, a clean mold space and maximum precision in mold protection. The MacroPower reaches its high speed by means of fast movements and minimal locking and high-pressure build-up times, achieved by the innovative locking system QUICKLOCK developed by WITTMANN BATTENFELD.

Another special highlight of this new machine generation is the ease with which molds are inserted from the rear of the machine. An extended safety gate stroke at the rear, combined with tie-bars kept at below-average length, thanks to the locking system that has been integrated in the moving platen, allows insertion of bulky molds in most cases without a tie-bar pulling device. 


  • Smallest footprint.

  • Shortest locking and pressure build-up time through QUICKLOCK system.

  • Easy, lateral mold insertion through virtually tie-bar-less access during mold change.

  • Quick even clamping force build-up. 

VPower Vertical Machines (Hydraulic or Hybrid 40-300 Ton)

The VM has a vertical clamping unit. The design of the injection unit can either be horizontal or vertical. Compact and rotary table options are available as well.

The VM has a hydraulic clamping unit with 4 tie bars and a low working height, which has been designed for manual insertion and removal of parts. The insertion and removal areas are secured by light barriers, which provides optimal access for manual parts removal, but also further automation concepts. The VM is especially used as a cost-efficient machine for production processes with low quantities.  


  • Flexibility through injection units which can be converted into horizontal as well as vertical units. 

  • Optimal access for parts removal and also ideal conditions for further automation through protection of the parts insertion and removal area by means of light curtains.

  • Fast, evenly distributed clamping force build-up as well as a compact design through 4 symmetrically arranged clamping cylinders.

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