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APM's November 2023 Highlights

Reduce your Colorant and Additive Usage

Maguire Blender Report.png

The above graph is a case study done in October 2023 with a customer running a Maguire Blender. On average the Blender used 3.5% more colorant than it was supposed to, with single batch variations as high as 25% higher! Over the course of the year, this amounted to thousands of dollars in wasted colorant, and this was for a relatively low throughput application. More info on the case study can be found here. If you are currently running Maguire Blenders, we can do a free Colorant Usage Study at your facility, and we can offer a Wittmann Blender Trial to prove a payback. 

Measure your Silo Levels from Anywhere in the World

Take advantage of Wittmann's End of Year IMM Sale

BinCloud Screenshot_edited.jpg
It's All Wittmann.jpg

Bring your Silo Measurement into the 21st century and stop having to climb silos with the BinCloud Remote Silo Measurement System. Initiate a silo measurement from anywhere in the world or set up automatic daily measurements to make your inventory management process easy. Contact us for more info and pricing.

Wittmann is offering an End of Year Sale on all stock Molding Machines, and is offering incentives for associated Robots and Auxiliary equipment. If you don't see what you need on the stock machine list, contact us and we can check for additional machines in production that will be on the stock list soon. IMM Inventory Clearance Sale

APM's October 2023 Highlights

Dustless Venturi Loaders for Cleanrooms and Regrind


Need to use a Venturi Loader in a cleanroom or on a high dust grinder application? The Beck Manufacturing Dustless Venturi Loader allows you to pipe the exhaust from your venturi loader back outside of your cleanroom, so that you don't risk adding to the particle count of the cleanroom during loading or filter cleaning. For high dust applications, the exhaust can be be piped into a Beck Manufacturing Cyclone to reduce filter cleanings. More info and a video can be found here

Inexpensive Robots for Short Payback on Automation


Quick Lead Time Conveyors from 0-5 days


Wittmann's Priamus Robots offer a low cost way to take advantage of a cartesian robot on your molding machine at an affordable price. We can assist with payback calculations to see if the project can be justified based on reduced labor, decreased cycle times, reduced utility usage and more. See an example of a reduced cycle time here.

In a pinch and need a conveyor quickly? Dynamic Conveyor's DynaPro line of conveyors have leadtimes of 0-5 days. Made in the USA and with extremely affordable pricing, these conveyors are a great option for under the press and beside the press applications, as well as a low cost box indexing solution - DynaPro Conveyors

APM's September 2023 Highlights

Central Material Handling Systems


Wittmann's Central Material Handling systems can solve a wide variety of headaches on your floor, including reducing labor, improving cleanliness, eliminating material supply errors, and more. Systems can range from a single pump and loader to turnkey systems complete with silos, multiple pumps, and hundreds of receivers. You can find a great article on a system installed in Connecticut here

 Reiloy's Screw and Barrel Handbook


Reiloy's Screw and Barrel Handbook is a fantastic resource for Screw and Barrel info and has forms for tracking wear, upsizing/downsizing, etc. You can get a digital copy of Reiloy's Screw and Barrel Handbook here. Hard copies available on request. 

  Engineering and Design Assistance

AFS Chute Design.jpg

Are you short handed and in need of some additional help to get some lingering items off of your desk? We can help with 3D design, engineering and even fabrication. Contact us if you are in need of assistance!

APM's August 2023 Highlights

TEMI Manufacturing Execution System


TEMI+ is a MES software specially developed for plastic manufacturing companies, to manage and monitor the production process in an automatic, simple and efficient manner. An informational demo video can be found here, or contact us to schedule a demo with the TEMI team. 

 Save Money by Controlling Excess Colorant Usage

  Control and Remove Dust on Your Floor

Blender Accuracy.jpg
Separator Disassembled.jpg

Wittmann's Blenders offer the most accurate and repeatable batch measurement in the industry, meaning that you can reduce colorant usage and save money. If you'd like to compare with an existing blender to determine if a payback exists, contact us and we can set up a test. 

With more regrind and reprocessed materials being used, dust is an ever present issue on the floor. We have solutions for both separating dust from pellets and collecting dust prior to your vacuum filters. Contact us to see how we can help with dust containment, separation and collection. 

APM's July 2023 Highlights

Wittmann Robot R9 Demos

r9 pendant DT.jpg

Wittmann's R9 Controller is the most advanced and user friendly robot controller on the market today. Contact us for a demo in person or via WebEx to see it's capabilities and ease of programming. Take advantage of Wittmann's Used Robot Trade In program as well for great savings. 

Low Cost Box Indexing and Filling Solutions


Reduce operator intervention and improve box count quantities with simple low cost box indexing solutions. We have several turnkey solutions available based on your floorspace and production environment needs. Contact us for a survey or budgetary price to see how you could automate without breaking the bank.

  Custom Screw and Barrel Solutions

Reiloy Eagle Mixing Screw.jpg

If you are having mixing issues, material feed, premature wear, or other issues with your Screws, Barrels or Valves, Reiloy can provide custom solutions as well as processing assistance. Take advantage of their stocking program as well to order and have the Screw or Barrel made now and pay when you need the Screw. 

APM's June 2023 Highlights

Wittmann's Summer Blender Promotion

blenders_t 020_11_web_0.jpg

With their extensive programmability and flexibility, the Real Time Live Scale for unmatched accuracy, and simple operation, Wittmann Blenders are an excellent choice for your blending needs. Contact us today to take advantage of Wittmann's Summer promotion for discounted pricing and trials.  

 Diverter Chutes for Low Cost Automation

Diverter chute.jpg

If you're looking to reduce operator intervention at machines but keep costs down, we can help with simple automation. A diverter chute like in the picture above can divert to a new box once the first is full, or divert for reject shots. Here's a video of a simple application done in the past - Diverter Chute Video

 Granulators for Unique Size Reduction Applicaitons

granulators_t 2020_11_web.jpg

Whether you are grinding a PEEK, Glass Filled runner, excessively hot runner, or have another unique application, Wittmann has a grinder solution for you. Start with a free granulator trial first so you can be confident in the solution before you issue a PO. Contact Advanced Plastics If you'd like to set up a trial or get more info!

APM's May 2023 Highlights

Trade In Your Old Robot For Credit Towards a New Wittmann Robot

Robot Trade In.jpg

Replace your old traversing robot and receive a trade in credit of $1,500 to $8,000. Any brand, any size. Contact us today if you have an old robot you are considering replacing to get a quote and trade in offer.  

Streamline Communication With the WiConnect App 


The WiConnect App gives you one touch access to Wittmann Service, Parts, as well as resources and tutorials. More information for the App and a link for downloading can be found here

Wittmann CARD Dryers For Low Throughput Applications

dryer_00049 (3).png

The Wittmann Compressed Air Resin Dryer is a fantastic solution for lower throughput and feedthroat drying applications. Small, simple, effective, and affordable. More info can be found here.

APM's April 2023 Highlights

Save Energy Replacing Your Old Conveyors


Many older conveyors have motors 6 times larger than what a comparable conveyor now uses, meaning that your older conveyors can be unnecessary energy hogs, especially since they often run 24/7. With our low cost conveyor options, payback can often be a year or less. Reach out for an energy comparison and payback analysis if you have any older conveyors or upcoming needs.

Check Out Our Webinar Database

Installation and Service Assistance

unnamed (2).jpg

We upload all of the past Wittmann Webinars if there are any you'd like to view at the link here. Topics include Micro Molding Vs. Conventional, Robot Programming Advancements, TCUs, Auxiliary Equipment Options, Granulators and more. 

unnamed (1).jpg

Short handed and in need of Installation or Service assistance? Contact us if there are any projects/equipment issues on your backburner or upcoming that you need help with. 

APM's March 2023 Highlights

Robots in Stock and Ready to Ship!


Wittmann has nearly 100 robots in stock or in production at the moment with lead times as low as 2 weeks on certain models. If you are in need of automating on a short timeline we can help! Wittmann will have their robots on display at the PTXPO if you are attending as well. Contact us to set up a demo while you are there to see their robots and the new R9 Controller. 

Used Equipment


In need of equipment on short notice or at a budget friendly price? We have a wide variety of used equipment available from individual loaders to large Chillers and Injection Molding Machines. Reach out if you are in need of anything and we can help!

 Low Cost Automation


Whether you are in need of a simple End of Arm Tool, Low Cost Conveyor, Picker, Servo Picker, or a Box Indexing System we have several Automation options available at an economical price. Contact us today if you are looking to reduce labor without breaking the bank.

APM's February 2023 Highlights

Dynamic Conveyor's New DynaPro Product Line


Dynamic Conveyor 's new DynaPro product line is a low cost, highly effective solution for your flat conveyor needs. Benefits include a 1-5 day lead time, extremely competitive pricing, low energy usage, and tensionless link style belting. More information, a video and technical specs can be found here

Wittmann's V-Power Molding Machine

  Custom Screw Tip Assemblies with Reiloy


Wittmann's VPower Machine is a efficient, precise and flexible solution for vertical molding application needs. The machine has a small footprint, convertible injection unit, rotary table without central tie bar, extremely short rotation times, and potential for upstream and downstream automation, all with Wittmann 4.0 capabilities. 


Wittmann VPower Molding Machine

If you ever have issues with Screw Tips breaking with some of your hard to process materials, we can customize your screw tip design to strengthen any weak points and extend your Screw Tip Assembly life. Other solutions include designs for easier material throughput, and premium metals for specific applications. 


Reiloy Valves and End Caps

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