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Blender Colorant Usage Study

The graph above was a Colorant Usage study from October 2023, of a customer's Maguire Blender. We surveyed 56 batches, and compared the actual colorant usage to the setpoint on the Blender. On average the Maguire Blender used 3.5% more Colorant than it was supposed to. When this is extrapolated to the usage over the course of a year, it ends up being thousands of dollars of excess colorant usage a year. Below are additional details.

Total colorant used during test 492.62 Grams

Total virgin resin used 21639.5 Grams

Calculated amount of colorant (LDR 2.2%) 476.07 Grams

Extra colorant used for 1 hour test - 16.6 Grams (about 3.5% extra)

The Cost Savings Numbers


Wittmann's Blenders offer excellent colorant/additive consistency and accuracy, that can ensure you aren't using too much colorant. The video below provides a great explanation of this in under 4 minutes. Contact us at if you would like to set up a Colorant Usage Study to see if a payback can be justified for your application.  

Why Wittmann Blenders?

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